Sarah “Stonewall” Palin?

“Stonewall” Jackson got his nickname for his poise on the battlefield. The legend goes that he always had a stoic expression, and would not flinch, even as bullets flew past him. The image of him standing proud, hands clasped behind his back as he surveyed his fighting troops is as iconic and everlasting as the four American soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima.

Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate for Vice President might soon get labeled with the nickname “Stonewall,” not because of her poise under pressure, but rather because of her, and the campaign’s in general, refusal to talk to the press. Since she was announced as McCain’s running mate, Palin has only held one rally without the physical presence of McCain standing beside her, and she has only given one interview on her own. The rest of the time she has either been standing next to McCain, reiterating what he is saying, or she has been posing happily in front of cameras with her families. Now there is nothing wrong with supporting your running mate, and agreeing with what they say. Nor is there anything really wrong with seizing photo ops. However, if McCain gets elected this woman will be the VICE PRESIDENT. That means that she needs to start learning how to talk to the press, not just stand there and look pretty in front of them.

She is a pretty face, that’s for sure. Tina Fey got it right when she described Palin as a Milf. But it takes more than just a pretty face to be the Vice President. Or the President, for that matter. And let’s face it folks, if McCain gets elected, he will be the 43rd President of the United States, and shortly thereafter Palin will become the 44th President, as well as the first female President of the US.

Sound unreasonable? Sound like liberal propaganda and fear mongering? It’s not. I truly believe that if the McCain/Palin ticket wins, then we will have our first woman President because John McCain will die before the end of his term. He is simply too old to stay alive in such a high stress and pressure job as the President of the United States.

Look at George W. Bush. Before coming into office he was a relatively decent looking fellow (as far as crusty dudes go) and now is haggard. The same can be said for Clinton, the original Bush, Reagan, and Jimmy Carter. The Presidential office demands a lot, and McCain simply won’t have the constitution or wherewithal  to withstand the pressures. One day he will be sitting at his desk in the Oval Office, and the next he will be in a casket waiting to be buried. Then Palin will be president.

With the country split nearly fifty-fifty on the election, there is no clear cut winner. This means that it is entirely possible for Palin to become President. With this very real possibility looming, I think it is time that we hear the woman speak. And I don’t mean I want to hear her talk about hockey and pit-bulls. I don’t care about lipstick. I do care, however, about what she plans to do, and how she plans to do it. Will she sanction Iran? Will she attack Iran? How will she deal with the economic crisis that will still be in full swing when she takes her oath of office? What are her plans for reducing poverty in the United States? Or education for that matter?

I don’t know, and it is hard for me to find out because she is not talking to the press. This fills me with misgivings. If she is not willing to talk to the press now, when she is simply a candidate, what will she be like once she is in office. We’ve already had nearly 8 years of tight lipped leaders at the highest levels of government. Do we really need four more?


2 comments on “Sarah “Stonewall” Palin?

  1. Dusty says:

    VPilf, please.

  2. matthias says:

    Soon to be gilf (grandmother …)

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