Tim Burton is remaking Alice in Wonderland. It will be called Wonderland, and Johnny Depp will be playing the Mad Hatter. Now I like Burton, and I like Depp, but I am getting sick of seeing him as a weird and crazy fellow. Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, and to a lesser extent Sweeny Todd have all pushed my tolerance threshold for his caricature acts. Sure, I liked him as Sparrow (in the first Pirates movie, but by the third one his performance felt stale and forced. He was okay as Willy Wonka, and will probably be a decent Hatter, but again it just runs the risk of getting stale, especially since there is a fourth Pirates movie in the works.

To add to this, they are apparently making a Lone Ranger movie, wherein Depp will play Tonto–the native American sidekick of the Ranger. The film does not have a director yet, but my money’s on Michael Bay. How Depp got chosen for this role I don’t know, except that Jerry Bruckheimer is producing it (he produced the Pirate flicks). I thought we were past the days of a white guy playing and American Indian, but I guess not. I don’t care if Depp has Cherokee blood in him; it still seems like they could have found a different actor for the role.

Maybe they’re doing it to court controversy. It worked for Tropic Thunder with Downey Jr. in black face (that movie made tons o cash, especially for a comedy) but then it just seems like pandering, which I would not put past Bruckheimer.

Anyway, I think the whole deal is pretty dumb and I can’t wait to hear about/read abut the public outcry that is sure to ensue.

And why do we need a Lone Ranger movie anyway? Does anyone even still remember the characters? Maybe a few, but not very many–and this movie will give the moviemakers and opportunity to reinvent a beloved property and crap on the happy memories of those that do remember the old serials and television show.

Such is Hollywood, I suppose.


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