Goodbye Blue Sky

So it’s early here in Liberec, about 8:30 am, and I just finished teaching for the day. The class went well, and it was easy. It’s a conversation class, so the only things I really have to do is come up with topics for my students to talk about, guide the conversation, and make corrections when they get their verb tenses mixed up, or forget their articles. I think I will enjoy teaching this class as it will be a nice break from the more stressful and work intensive classes that I teach.

It’s gray here, and foggy too. Seriously foggy. Like worse than San Francisco¬† foggy. Looking out my window I can see the building across the way, and some cars on the street.Well, I can see their outlines through the thick gray haze. And behind the building across the way I can see nothing but a wall of bright gray. Though it doesn’t sound like it, it is beautiful. The weather is chilly too, but not too cold. I really like it. That will probably change after a few months of the same dreary, cold, and moist weather, but for now it rocks. I’m glad to be here, and the mist gives the whole area a kind of fantasy/Gothic atmosphere. You never know whats lurking out there. Could be vampires, or monsters from another dimension, or just everyday people going about their business trying not to get hit by cars and trams that cannot see them and that they cannot see. It’s a real exciting sense of danger, but not real danger because this is Liberec, and it is not really that busy of a town.

I’m glad it’s Friday, though, and I look forward to sleeping lots this weekend. Sure, I still have some planning to do for next week’s classes, but that’s easy and expected. Other than that, it’s relaxing and taking her easy for me this weekend. And after the departmental meeting at two, I am outta here, headed home for some beer and rest.


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