How I Made my Millions

Sarah Palin (yeah, I’m talkin Palinitcs again) accepted some money from a couple of dirty senators when she ran for governor. Now she is giving that money to charity in what (I assume) is an attempt to keep her image as a reformer and someone who fights corruption intact. This is good news, I guess, as it is a concrete example of her walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

I am not going to slam her for keeping the money this long–she accepted the donations in 2006, and investigations into these senators began around the same time. Palin was aware of the corruption issues and asked one of the men to resign from his post. Still, she kept the money–at least until now.

I guess it’s good that she is finally getting rid of that money, but I find it interesting that her campaign platform for governor included a condemnation of elected officials, and those running for public office receiving gifts from people and companies, and yet she has received and kept more than $20,000 dollars in gifts that she has received since becoming governor of Alaska. I guess that’s okay, though, since all politicians seems to forget what they were campaigning against/the changes they were going to make as soon as they get into office.

I don’t know if the donation of these tainted monies to charities is enough for me to start thinking that she might be “Stand up Sarah” instead of “Shyster Sarah,” but I bet she made a lot of her supporters happy with this move. Now they can say: “See, she is a reformer and a rebel who really does stand up for what she believes and comes through with her promised.

It could be that, or it could be that she realized people were going to find out about this dirty money and decided to undercut the inevitable criticisms and questions before they could be formed.


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