Let Me Get Up On It

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari made headlines and caused some outrage in his own country when he met with Sarah Palin on Wednesday, telling her that she was more beautiful than on television. This little charming remark set off Pakistan’s feminists, who have said that he owes Palin, and Pakistan an apology for his bad behavior. Apparently, some Pakistanis found his remarks and behavior embarrassing, and unbecoming of a national leader. I wonder what they thought of Clinton and his scandals.

I think their reaction to this remark is pretty hilarious, especially considering he was offering a compliment any woman would love to hear (you’re beautiful) and some men for that matter (though you’re handsome would be more appropriate for the men).

This remark does prove one thing though. No matter how unqualified for the job she is, Palin is quickly becoming an international political sex object. I wonder if this will be an advantage to her in foreign relations. If McCain/Palin win, will she be able to say leaders by softly adjusting her glasses, or sending off a small, flirtatious smirk? Will a low cut shirt be part of her strategy in diplomatic situations? Could a crossed leg, maybe showing a hint of fleshy thigh for a just a moment, be all it takes to get Iran to stop its nuclear program?

The answer to the questions above is: probably not. But, it’s fun to think about, and it just reinforces the notion that some world leader see Palin as nothing more than a pretty face. If only that was all it took to bring peace to the world.


One comment on “Let Me Get Up On It

  1. Evan says:

    I dunno, but sure does a damn fine Tina Fey impression.
    And she can see Russia from her porch!

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