Something in the Way

I have to go to Berlin Monday morning. Early. Like 4:30am early. I am not very happy about it. It is expensive, will take all day, and I have to teach on Tuesday. The worst part–well one of the worst parts anyway–is that I won’t even really get to spend any real time there. I leave Liberec, transfer to a train somewhere else, end up in Berlin. Then I hop on a metro/tram/some kind of public transportation and head to the Czech Embassy there. Once at the Embassy, I head on it, and apply for my long-term visa, which will allow me to work legally here at the University in Liberec.

After spending copious amounts of money for this paperwork, I hop back on the metro/tram/public transportation and head to a different train station than the one I arrived at. From there I travel to Dresden, where I catch yet another train, finally returning to Liberec at about 5:30pm. So my time in Berlin will not be very long, even though it will take me at least thirteen hours to do everything I need to do.

I am really getting sick of having to travel to different countries for short periods of time, just so I can work. Don’t get me wrong, I like traveling, and I’m sure Berlin will be beautiful (and at least I can say I’ve been there, or will be able to say that, whatever) I just wish I could maybe spend a little more time there. Oh, and that it wasn’t going to take so long.

And that it wasn’t so expensive. The cost of the train tickets is like 1280kc–a little less than one-hundred dollars. That’s not so bad, but the cost of the visa paperwork is 161 Euro, and that is a sizable amount of money (about 235 US dollars) so the whole deal is going to cost me over three hundred dollars–and that’s not counting metro/tram/public transportation costs, or if I want to get anything to eat in Berlin.

I know this is all necessary for my continued employment here, but that does not make it any less frustrating or annoying. Plus, since I have to teach on Tuesday (and my Monday is shot because of this stupid trip) I have to spend the weekend planning my lessons for next week. I was going to use SOME of the weekend to do that, but now I’ve had to use it all (and it’s only Saturday); there is still more to do.


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