Kids of the K Hole

In 2003, the Republicans in California started recall proceedings against this guy:

His name is Gray Davis, and if your memory is so short that you cannot remember events from five years ago, the recall was successful and resulted in the election of this guy as the new Governor of California:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, better known for his Bodybuilding expertise and his movie stardom. This seems like old news, and you may be asking: Why is the unrulytravller talking about an election/recall/political event that happened five years ago as if it still mattered today?

Well, for one I am still bitter over the waste of money and state resources poured into the recall. I think it was a shrewd maneuver by the Republicans of the state to have another election less than year after one they just lost. They were poor losers, and they demonstrated it with the recall. Oh, they had their reasons, such as Davis was kowtowing to the Prison Unions, and his car registration price increase was (apparently) sky high. That one did not affect me though, as I do not drive and have never had to register a car. I realize I’m in the minority of voting age Americans in that regard, but it is still the truth.

But, to answer the question more directly: It seems that the Prison Guard Union has sent a letter of intent to start a recall against the Governator, and some of the GOP higher-ups are meeting to discuss this possibility, and are even considering going along with it. They want to think about what it all means, sure, but they also want to find a candidate that could replace Ah-nold.

Now, I have no love for the man, though I do enjoy some of his movies. The Terminator, Terminator 2, Conan the Barbarian, The Running Man, and True Lies are all great action films that are entertaining as hell. As a politician, I could give a rat’s ass about him, except for the fact that he originally came to power through a shady and unneeded recall election.

Recall elections cost lots of money, and they cost lots of time and resources for the state. They are akin to impeachment and should be done only in extreme cases. The argument for Schwarzenegger’s recall from the Prison Guard Union is lack of a state contract, which they had under Davis. The reason Republicans are considering the deal is because Ah-nold suggested raising the state sale’s tax temporarily to help off-set the drastic budget deficit California is running right now. Republicans did not like that idea, and the measure was stopped before it really got started.

The next gubernatorial election should be in 2010, but if this recall happens it will be sooner than that, only not that much sooner–maybe a year, maybe a year and a half–not a whole lot of time for the would be new governor to get things righted before the next real election.

At a time when the country is in financial crisis and faith in our leaders is on the decline, I do not think a recall is a good idea. Sure, if Ah-nold were stealing from the state, or disclosing secrets to foreign powers, or putting people on the street just for the hell of it, then yeah, recall the bastard. But since he isn’t doing these things, and is only a moderate Republican rather than a crazy conservative, I say let him finish his current term as governor. Then, if the people of California no longer want him, let them decide–in a free and general election–to get rid of him.

One recall this decade is enough for any state. Why does California think it needs two?


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