Nice Dream

So the bailout didn’t happen, and Congress has had to go back to the drawing board, as they say. McCain is apparently at the end of his rope. There is a long road ahead of us, blah blah blah. I’m getting sick of all these cliches, and just want something to happen. Something that will help the average American. You know the voters, the people who work crap jobs for crap pay. Or even the people who have slightly better jobs with slightly better pay. I’m sick of hearing about Main Street and Wall Street, and I’m sick of hearing that to save Main Street we must first save Wall Street. That cannot be true, or at least, it cannot be the only solution.

Sure, if we want business as usual to continue, we need to save Wall Street to keep Main Street safe. But maybe that is not the way to go about it. Maybe we should let Wall Street fend for itself for a bit, and work on reconstructing Main Street (see how annoying this gets?!?), and devoting our attentions there. And what about Broadway, or Elm Street, or First Street, or any other numbers of roads where you will find people?

My point is, maybe the government–since they feel like doling out cash–should give that 700 billion to the everyday American. You know, the people who are one missed payment away from losing their houses, or have insurmountable medical bills. This would do three things: One, it would get money into the economy, much like Bush’s tax rebate economic stimulus package was supposed to. Two, it would then get that money to the corporations that Congress is trying to give it to right now. Three: it would reduce the overall debt felt in the nation right now. Sure, the government would, ultimately, be giving the money to the mega corps, but they would be using the middle ground of the American citizen, and the country, I think, would be in better shape all around. Debts would be cleared, and company’s would have the cash that they so desperately say they need. Everyone’s a winner.

Of course this is too radical of an idea to consider, so it won’t be, and there is no chance it would ever come about. Still, it’s nice to dream.


One comment on “Nice Dream

  1. JollyRoger says:

    The “trickle down” ‘tards seem utterly incapable of absorbing hundreds of years’ worth of economics lessons. They will ague for their failed economics no matter how many Depressions they cause.

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