Diamonds & Gold

So the bailout is back on. Maybe. Probably. Almost without a doubt. The Senate has reworked the bill, which now has some SWEET incentives for both House Republicans and Democrats. In the new version of the bill, which still offers to allow the Federal Government to use 700 billion dollars as they see fit to end the crisis, many tax cuts have been made. This will sweeten the pot for Republicans, who are all about less taxes. And hey, who can blame them? I don’t like paying taxes either, and if I did not have to I wouldn’t. Actually, I pay minimal tax because I always seem to get my money back come mid-May or early June.

I am no economist, but this seems pretty stupid to me. How can the government afford the program if they reduce taxes? Where is the money going to come from? Are they going to cut the military budget? Yeah, right, when pigs fly and Bush admits that he stole the 2000 election. Are they going to cut social security and medi-care programs even more than they already are? This seems more likely. Will they let our roads and highways go to hell? Probably. How does cutting taxes and increasing spending work out? Just look at where we are now and see that it doesn’t.

Bush must be happy, though, as the Senate is poised to validate his style of governing: cut taxes, spend a whole bunch of money, and then act surprised when the Federal government, and the nation as a whole is in trouble. This is like finding out that you will receive a pay cut, and instead of saving, you go out and buy the newest, biggest, gas guzzling SUV that you can find, knowing full well that you won’t be able to afford it. What is wrong with this country? And by that I mean our leaders, our representatives. You know, the people we put in office to run this great nation?

Greed. That is it, plain and simple. We are a greedy country, run by greedy leaders who are more concerned with their jobs and their own pocketbooks than they are about the country as a whole. If they really cared about the people on Mainstreet as they like to say they do, they would give us some money directly. More than a measly 600 dollars. Hell, that won’t even cover one mortgage payment for anyone, and yet Bush expected it to stimulate the economy and make everything better. How’d that work out?

Give everyone 60,000 dollars and we’d be talking about some serious economic stimulation. But I’ve already talked about that so I will refrain from repeating myself.

I’m so frustrated right now, and tired–never a good combination–that I can feel my blood pressure rising just sitting here in front of the computer and thinking these thoughts. I want a whole new leadership. I want government funded political campaigns so that special interest groups and PACs cannot insert themselves into the way the country is run. If our elected officials were more accountable to the people as a whole, and not to a select few with lots and lots of cash, maybe we’d have a leadership we could trust and believe in. That isn’t the case, though, and it is interesting to note that most of the Republicans and Democrats who voted for the bill have received copious amounts of money from the companies they are now trying to bail out. I’m sure Bush has benefited greatly from them too.

And who can blame the politicians? They’re only human, and these corporations funded their campaigns, making it possible to hold public office. Of course now, public means private in the guise of public and office means lackey and beholden to those who gave you the cash to get you there.

Our system of government (Democratic Republic) is still solid, but the way in which it is run really needs some change.


2 comments on “Diamonds & Gold

  1. sandysays1 says:

    Obviously you’re concerned about what’s happening in DC. Please see my blog. It’s urgent that we send a message to the Senate they aren’t going to get off free by rerouting the bailout bill their to avoid retribution in November. There are some tools to help do it.

  2. Post the link to your blog, and I’ll check it out.

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