Sarah Palin made some comments about Russia violating Alaskan (and thereby American) airspace, citing her handling of these occurrences as experience in dealing with world leaders and hostile situations. That would be all fine and dandy (even if it didn’t really give her tons of experience or knowledge in foreign affairs) if it were true. However, it isn’t. Simple as that.

Maj. Allen Herritage, a spokesman for the military at Elemdorf Airforce Base, said that there has been no violation of US airspace by Russia or any other country for that matter, in the 21 months that Palin has been in office.

So why would she lie about this? Did she know that she was lying? Was she lying? I would have to think so, for the simple reason that I do not think the military has a reason to lie about this. Of course, they are the military so you can’t really trust them. Still, this seems like one of the few things that they would actually tell the truth about.

So why would Palin make these comments? Well, there is a small space, just outside of U.S. airspace where Russian bombers have been spotted several times in the past two years. It is an international buffer zone, not under the protection of the United States, specifically, but when Russian planes enter that zone, Canadian or American fighter jets are launched to investigate. Maybe this is what Palin was referring to when she made the comment about Russian planes flying over Alaska.

So she lied. But it was not out of malice, it was out of ignorance, or at least lack of understanding. Does that make it any less of a lie? I do not know, but I don’t think so, especially considering that she has stuck to her statements, and made them on more than one occasion. Of course, none of this matters, really. The exposure of this white lie will not turn the thousands of Palinites against her overnight, and I doubt it will cause any of those voters still on the fence to jump over to the Obama/Biden camp. The only thing it really does it offer up one more example of why she should not be in the position she is in–running for VPilf.

The VP debate is tomorrow, and I am worried. I think Biden should win the debate, solidly. But what should happen, and what does happen, are often two entirely different things–just look at the 2000 election. Gore should have won the debates, but he didn’t. Gore should have won the election, but again, he didn’t. So let’s put shoulds out of our minds, and hope that a more experiences, crusty old dude, can defeat a less experience, but well liked and by no means crusty middle aged woman in a debate of the issues. It should be interesting.


2 comments on “Passive

  1. Dusty says:

    “So why would she lie about this? Did she know that she was lying? Was she lying?”

    Well Gorb, to lie is to willfully misinform. So you can’t lie without being conscious of it. Otherwise it’s just being stupid. Did you consider that?

  2. Yeah, it was rhetorical. I agree that she is stupid, and may have been misinformed herself when she told the lie. So…does making a misinformed statement (believing it to be true) when it is not, a lie (even with no intention to misinform?)

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