Rain Dogs

What a dark and depressing day here in Liberec. It’s grayer than gray, and a steady drizzle has been falling since the early hours of the morning. I’m talking like 4:30. I know this because I kept waking up to make sure my phone hadn’t shut itself off. It’s been doing that a lot lately, and it scares the hell out of me because I’m afraid that it is going to turn off in the night, and I won’t wake up in time to get to school and teach my classes in time. And if there is one thing my boss despises, it is tardiness. I don’t have an alarm clock (though I should get one. Maybe when I get some cash–HA, that’s a good one–I’l never have cash.

It isn’t too cold here. Just wet, and gray. Add that to the fact that I am still exhausted from my Berlin trip, have a bit of a sinus thing going on (I’m not sick yet, but I think I can feel it coming on, I’m trying not to stress about it because that will just guarantee that I get sick), and am completely and utterly broke (but at least I have food for the next three or four days, after that who knows) and today just isn’t a good day.

That’s okay, though, I only have one class left to teach. Granted it’s at six pm, but that just means I get to hang out in my warm office, drinking tea, wasting time on the net, and watching the wet and dreary world through my window. It’d be nice if I could do that from home, but alas I have no tea at home. Or a computer. So this is all right. I’m not really complaining, I’m just tired.


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