Shake Hands With Beef

Eating too much can make you go crazy! Well not really, but it can mess with your brain to the extent that it thinks it is being attacked by things that are not there. So in a sense it makes your brain go crazy, and is there really a difference? I mean, if your brain goes crazy, doesn’t that, by extension, mean you go crazy?

Scientists, (isn’t it always scientists) working with mice (why do they love their rodents so much) have discovered that eating too much triggers an immune system in the brain that is usually dormant. Once activated, the brain sends out cells to attack the invaders. The only problem is, the invaders are not there, but the cells need something to do. And what do they do? Well, they block appetite inhibitor cells, effectively keeping the brain and body thinking they need to eat, when in reality they do not. The researchers think this process is partly (if not mostly) responsible for the growing global pandemic of obesity.

This is scary to me. It scares me that our bodies–efficient and smooth running machines–can be tricked by something as simple as too much food intake. I suppose that because our bodies are highly efficient and effective machines, that they need to be treated like any other machine of that caliber: with care. So yeah, don’t overeat. We know that. But now we have another reason why. Overeating can cause more overeating, and before we know it we will be fat pigs who can’t stop stuffing ourselves, and we’ll end up looking like this guy:

Not a pleasant thought.


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