Lies Lies Lies

Obama palls around with terrorists. Or at least that’s what Sarah Palin and John McCain would have the American voting public believe. Never mind that it isn’t true, and never mind that the same could be said of Palin because of her convention appearances at the Alaskan Independence Party–a group noted for their disparaging remarks regarding America and their desire to secede from this nation. Also, her husband was a member for several years, so there’s that too.

I do not believe that Obama hangs out with terrorists, or that he hates America. Nor do I believe that it should be said Palin has ties with a terrorist organization. I do believe that these lies are a desperate attempt by the McCain/Palin camp to make themselves relevant once again. Things are not going well for them; it finally seems as if Obama is reaching the insurmountable point he was supposed to have already reached, and they are acting not with dignity but in a shameful way.

In the 2000 election, George Bush’s political machine told lots and lots of lies about McCain, who at the time was a real contender for the nomination. Dubya’s lies successfully sank McCain’s campaign, and that (along with rigged voting machines and hanging chads) is how we got our current President. MacCain is a man who touts himself as dignified and a straight talker. Palin’s remarks are neither. Sure, she’s saying them, not McCain, but are we really expected to believe that he doesn’t condone them? I mean, the leash on this woman has been so short that she cannot even talk to reporters, and now suddenly we’re supposed to believe that he has let her off that leash to do what she will? I don’t think so. The election is one month away, and I have to believe that McCain is supervising every aspect of his campaign. Either that or he’s so mentally far gone from the strain of campaigning that he cannot pay attention to her. If that is the case, he needs to resign from the race and concede victory to Obama.

What worries me about these attacks, though, is that they have been proven to work. I would hope that we as Americans have grown more resistant to them (read smarter) but I do not know if that is the case. If this strategy by the McPlain camp starts to show a positive result in the polls, expect more of it, and be afraid because that means that we haven’t learned our lessons from the previous two elections and we could rightfully expect a third Republican Presidency. One that will be led by a crazy woman who knows how to read pre-written statements, but has shown no real signs of knowledge or intelligence where it counts (in doing her job as Vpilf and then Pilf), cause let’s face it, McCain already has to rest and it’s not November yet. The man will not last a year in the Oval Office before dying, or having to step down. And then we will be in real trouble.


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