Metal Militia

It seems that US and Iraqi officials are making progress on a security deal that would establish the framework for how US forces will operate after the UN mandate governing them expires at the end of this year. The agreement has been in the works for a while, and is said to benefit both US and Iraq. The main sticky point has been US insistence on immunity for its forces. I say good for the Iraqis on fighting the immunity clause. We saw how Blackwater and other “Private security companies” acted under their immunity–firing without discretion into crowded streets, racing down city streets with little or no regard to anyone else–and the problems it caused.

Another point of contention has been who will lead the troops, Iraqi or American forces. I think it should start with the Americans, and have a gradual transference of power over to the Iraqi government and forces. One really nice thing about the agreement, though, is that is calls for the removal of American troops from Iraqi cities by June 2009, and the complete withdrawal of US troops by 2011.

Cold the end really be in sight?


One comment on “Metal Militia

  1. JollyRoger says:

    Rest assured, the end is in sight. We’ll either leave on our own terms or we’ll go broke and leave, like the Russians left Germany. I hope we choose to leave, but make no mistake-we’re leaving.

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