That was nice of them

A 90 year old woman shot herself when Sheriff’s deputies in Akron, Ohio, came to evict her from her home. The home had been forclosed upon by the original lendor, and bought by Fannie Mae. The deputies came on Wednesday to escort the woman out of her home, where she had been living since 1970.

She shot herself in the chest and had to be taken to the hospital. She is alive and in stable condition.

In response to her actions, Fannie Mae ahs dropped the forclosure, forgiven the mortgage debts the woman owes, and will ALLOW her to move back into her home. That was very nice of them, but it emphasized just how bad things are getting.

Sure she is old, and it is well known that older people become more depressed and are prone to suicide, and I think that it is great Fannie Mae decided no to go for the bottom line (money) in this one case, but why did it even have to get this far. The woman had refinanced her home several times. Whoever allowed that refinancing had to know that sooner or later she was not going to be able to keep up on her payments. They had to know that she was living on a fixed income, and her spending power was going to decrease as time went on. And still, they kept giving her more money in terms of loans and refinancing. COME ON!

It’s not her fault that she was on fixed income. And it is not her fault that the econmy got so bad that she couldn’t afford her home anymore. It is the fault of the people who kept extending their loans, and then called them in when they saw the housing bubble bursting. I don’t think this woman deserved to be on the street, but neither do I think that someone should have to shoot themselves to reamain in the home they’ve lived in for almost forty years. The whole thing is mind boggling to me, and might be funny if it wasn’t so damn tragic.

And the worst part about it is this is the only thing that she could have done. Sure, she could have left her home and gone to live on the streets or something (her husband is dead and the article made no mention of other family), but how long would she have lasted out there? And was there any offer of help finding a place for her? I don’t know, but probably not. Shooting herself was the most rational decision she could have made. How crazy is that?

I wonder how many more cases like this we are going to see. People under economic strain get anxious, they get depressed and they feel powerless. All of this can lead to suicidal/murderous thoughts. I bet it gets a lot worse before it gets better.


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