Now That’s My Kind of Criminal

A so called Bra-Bandit is on the loose in Florida. Her latest strike netted her 160 bras from Victoria’s Secret, which are valued at around 6,000 dollars. That’s about 37.50 per bra. Can’t say that I blame her; that’s pretty expensive, even if it is for a nice VS bra.

I must applaud this woman. I know stealing is wrong, and I don’t condone it, generally. But man, her items of choice are so unique that I have to nod my head in admiration. I mean she’s not stealing money, or purses, or shoes. She’s stealing undergarments. It’s stealing underwear, and I find that hilarious (even if it is illegal and wrong and all of that). The best part for her is that she can wear these things and not worry about getting busted for being spotted wearing a stolen item–like a coat or a hat or a pair of jeans–because (unless she’s like Sue Ellen Mischke on Seinfeld and wears the bra on the outside) she’ll be covering them up with her outer wear.

I wonder if she has any plans to start stealing the matching underpants.


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