Up and Running

No longer am I forced to browse the net with an old anf outdated machine. There is a new computer in my office, and it is now set up for internetting. I am extremely happy becasue now I don’t have to wait thirty seconds for a page to load (I know, it’s only thirty seconds, I should just learn to be more patient, but you try surfing the next when everytime you go look at a new page you have to wait for at least thirty seconds.) No longer to I have to worry about those annoying banner ads on sites like Yahoo and facebook freezing my machine and forcing me to restart it, which would take at least five minutes.

But most gratifying of all, I can watch videos again. This thing plays them fast, and with great quality on its nineteen inch flatscreen monitor. I’ve never had a computer this nice and have become instantly spoiled by it. The old computer is still here in my office, and I am tempted to set it back up so I can take this one home with me. If I did that though, I probably wouldn’t leave my apartment for a few days and would end up losing my job.

Since I can watch videos again, I’ve been watching the new season of Heroes. It’s better than the last season (which, admittedly would not be hard to do) and I think probably even better than the first season was at this point. Oh I still have issues with it like the acting is still pretty bad–Ali Larter just annoys me more and more, the dude that plays Peter seems to think that acting means emulating Sylvester Stallone’s sneer as imitated by Weird Al Yancovich in the hilarious UHF. The character of Maya is still a crybaby (sure she’s pretty, but that will only take you so far when the only acting skill you possess is to stand there and look full lipped and weepy eyed), and Molhinder is still an idiot.

I’m mean seriously, injecting himself with the formula? Why did he all of a sudden want powers? And watching this, did anyone else think that the person who wrote Molhinder’s power episode had watched Jeff Goldblum in The Fly one too many times, or was that just me?

Even Bennet has gotten a little stupider. He says to the Haitian (about Sylar) “I’m going to find his weakness and then kill him.” Hello! The Haitian is standing right there. His power is to cancel the powers of others. Could it be anymore obvious what Bennet needs to do?

The spunky speedster Daphne is annoying too–why is it that since Buffy the Vampire Slayer all girls portrayed in action dramas on television have to be spunky and filled with attitude. I swear if she shakes her head while talking, or makes another pouty “hmph” I am going to scream.

Well, I guess Claire isn’t filled with spunk and attitude, but she does whine a lot, and like Maya, looks like she is going to cry all of the time. And, I must admit, I had to laugh when I saw her in the future. The mascara and black leather outfit was soooo cliche that I couldn’t stop laughing for about a minute.

At least the storyline is interesting, and I am glad to see that Mama Petrelli is the powers babyfactory that I thought she was. Sure, she may not be the mother of all of them, but Peter, Nathan, Gabriel. I bet there are others that we don’t know about yet, like Elle and Hiro, for example.

I still like Ando, and have to ask myself why he still bothers with Hiro, who has become a grade A jerk and needs to go back to the jerkstore.

So I’ll keep watching because it’s getting cold here in Liberec and I’m reduced to reading memoirs (which I loathe). I really need to get to the library and check out their English section.


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