Go figure

Crisis counselers and suicide hotlines are on high alert at the moment. They are worried about copycats of the man who killed himself and his family on Monday. They are also aware that people facing hard times (especially in financial terms) are more prone to be depressed and suicidal.

This is a good first step. People should know that there are folks they can talk to about their worries and problems. We need to know that we are all suffering in this crisis, and that we are not alone. Sure, not all of our stories are the same–that would not only be impossible but make for a boring world–but they are similar. With the rare exception of those who are independantly wealthy or already own their home and have no mortgage to pay, we are all feeling the crunch of the financial crisis.

I wonder, though, how long these crisis hotlines will remain in operation. With states facing bankruptcy (an with little help likely from the FEDS) how long can these programs continue? And what of those people who need more help than someone over the phone can offer? Well the answer is they need to see someone like a psychologist or psychiatrist. The problem there is, those people cost money. Lots of money. How are you supposed to be able to pay for one if you cannot even afford to put gas in your car or food on your table?

Let’s hope that the crisis lines stay open until the worst of this crisis is over and things start to get better. I wouldn’t bet on it, but then again I’m not a betting man so there is not much that I would bet on.


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