Water Wars

I know, I talk a lot about water, or at least I have been in this blog, but that is because it is something that is important to me. And, I think, it is going to quickly become a scarce resource, and if we don’t do something about that now, it won’t matter how much oil there is or how much money we have because we will all be dead of dehydration.

In the most recent water wasting news, Starbucks reportedly wastes 23 million liters of water per day. 23 MILLION liters. For those of you don’t think in terms of liters, that is the equivilent of 6,075,957.2 gallons of water per day wasted at Starbucks. Holy crap that’s a lot of water.That’s 381.82 gallons of water wasted at each of the 15,756 Starbucks locations across the world.

And that’s just per day. Think of how much water per year is wasted? It’s a number that is too large to compute, just know that it has many many many zeroes. It is estimated that the amount of water the Starbucks corporation uses each day could end the drought in any number of places. Just think about it, if we could somehow harness that water and send it to Darfur and the Sudan, then maybe the bloodshed there would lessen, or even end.

How does the Starbucks manage to waste so much water? Well, they have this nifty thing called the dipper well, and it means that you leave the tap running to help clean and sanitize dishes. Yeah, that’s great, but it’s such a waste that I think we would all be better served by them turning the tap on, washing the dishes, and then turning the tap off. This waste and disregard for our basic elelment of life is appalling.

In response to its methods Starbucks has said that it runs the taps on low pressure (oh good, at least they recognize how much water they could be wasting) and that their employees are instructed to turn the taps off an night (huh, well at least they recognize the importance of turning things off when people aren’t using them. I bet they turn the lights off at night too, and think that makes them ecologically conscious.)

Well, at least we now have a major culprit to blame when the droughts arrive and make us all die of thirst and starvation. Remember, all living things need water, and they can’t get it if Starbucks is busy washing it down the drain to make our morning, afternoon, evening cups of coffee.


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