Wouldn’t it be nice

I wish the government would give me tons of money so that I could take my friends on a retreat that included great food and spa treatments. That is exactly what AIG did for their executives (some of them anyway) just a few days after it received 85 billion dollars from the Federal Government. Granted, the retreat only cost 445,000 dollars–a small amount compared to the amount of money they were given–but still…

Here is a company whose finances were so bad that they had to have the government step in and save their asses. And what do they do with almost a half a million of those dollars? They send their executives on a retreat. Who pays for it? WE, THE TAX PAYER, pay for it. After all, it is our money they were given, so it was our money that they used.

Sure, folks will argue that corporate retreats are nothing new. They help to build comraderie and teamwork and all that other B.S. And they may do these things. They may be good things, needed things, but I don’t need to help pay for them. If the corporation (whichever one it is) cannot manage their finances to the point that they need rescuing from the government, then they should not be funding any retreats. If the executives want to go on these retreats, then they should be the ones who pay for it. Take the costs out of their salary. Make them access their own accounts to pay for their fun. When was the last time you went on a retreat with great food and spa treatments? I don’t know, but I bet it’s been a while. So let them go on their retreats, but let them pay for it with their own cash.

You hear me AIG and others who got us into this mess:stay out of my wallet, there’s already too little in there.


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