Palin’s Husband put the Pressure on.

So in new news concerning Troopergate, the investigation into whether or not Sarah Palin dismissed Alaska’s top cop for personal reasons, we have learned that Todd Palin–the Governer’s husband–was the one who was putting pressure on the governor’s staff. He was “talking to anyone who would listen”, and telling the story of a violent trooper who was harassing his family and his wife’s family.

Palin (both of them) claims that Sarah knew nothing about it, and that it was all Todd’s deal. He even said that Sarah told him to drop it when he repeatedly asked her how the trooper (Mike Wooten) still had his job.

Okay, I’m not saying I believe this, as Todd Palin said “My wife and I are very close” so how could the Governor not know what her husband was up to, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt for the moment and say that he was acting on his own, and she knew nothing about him discussing the matter with her aides and his attempts to get Wooten fired. This happens when she is governor. What happens if she is VP? Will he be running around, complaining to people about others that he does not like? This was a family dispute, and those are always tricky, but coud he, as soon to be First Man, do the same types of things? I think so, and that is a scary thought, especially considering how much power both the VP and the President offices have.

And how could Palin not have known? Especially if they are as close as Todd says? It makes one wonder…


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