Good to see both sides can play this game

If we needed more proof that our country is hosed. A Democratic Congressman from Florida apologized for having encounters of a sexual nature with an aide. He denied that there was any breaking of the law or misuse of State resources. Okay fine. What’s so bad about having an affair? Well, aside from the hurt and pain it causes your so called loved ones, nothing is wrong with an affair.

Soon after he finished apologizing there were reports that he was involved in a second affair. That’s right, one man, two affairs. How many apologies will that take? But, again there is nothing wrong with having an affiar, or even two.

What gets me about this guy–his name is Tim Mahoney and he took over for Foley, you know the guy that sent weird and inappropriate messages to his pages–is that when he ran for Congress he ran on a family values platform. He’s a hypocrite and liar. It’s nothing new, but it bugs the crap out of me. It’s obvious, now, that he ran on the values platform just to get elected. Just like McCain and Palin are running as Reformers, It’s a buzzword vulture we live in, and politicians know it. They use that knowledge to convince us that they are not sneaking, conniving, cheating, lying asshats, and then they do something that exposes them for what they are.

People are human. We all make mistakes. I’m fine with that. What I am not fine with, though, is when people like Mahoney or that guy caught trying to initiate gay airport bathroom sex get caught for doing the very thing they say they oppose. They are moral terrorists, condemning us for our actions all the while practicing those same actions, or worse ones. And the worst part about all of it is that the American people fall for it every time. Those buzzwords get in our brain, trigger a response that blocks out most rational thought and discourse, and then we end up screwing ourselves over. Time and time again.

Let’s see what happens in November now that the country has a choice between a Maverick Reformer or an Agent of Change. Obama’s campaign is buzzwordthy too, and there is no guarantee that an Obama presidency will set the nation on a better path. But, at least there would be something different, in that he would be the FIRST black President of the United States, and that is definitely a change.

Of course, Palin could be the first woman President if her ticket wins. However, she will not have been elected President, she will just have stumbled into the job, so it’s not as meaningful. Sure the First woman President would be great, but I think for it to mean something, or to not have an asterisk next to it in the history books, the First woman President needs to be elected in a General Election, not gain the position through succession.

So next time someone throws a buzzword, or six, at you take a breath and remember to inform yourself before you vote. This will save us all a lot of time, money, trouble, and embarrassment.


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