Reformer or Performer?

So by now we all know that Sarah Palin was found to have abused her power in the Troopergate scandal. Also, we know that she outright lied about the report’s finding, saying, “I’m glad the report cleared me of any wrongdoing.”

Yeah, see, the report said nothing like that. In fact, it found just the opposite–that she did use her position of power (her husband used her power too in this case) to pressure, threaten, and eventually fire Monegan, Alaska’s top cop. Sure she was within her power as governor to fire Monegan, but that’s not where the issue lies. The issue is whether his firing was justified or as part of a personal agenda on behalf of Palin and her husband. The report found that she had Monegan fired for unethical reasons and that she violated Alaska State ethic laws. Palin heard that she had done nothing wrong and that she was not guilty of unethical behavior.

Is she schizo? Did she even read the report? Did she lie with the hope that no one would expose her for the lying, power hungry person she is? Did she do it just for the hell of it? Or does she actually believe that the report found her to be not guilty of all charges? I don’t know, but any and all of these answers scare me because despite Obama’s lead in the polls, there is still and election in November and Palin still has a pretty good chance of becoming the President after the next. Just think about how her administration would be run; it would make Bush’s look as transparent and clean as a freshly washed window.

And it is not just Troopergate where Palin has shown herself not to be the reformer she claims. She used State Funds to travel for pleasure. She also accepted the per Diem stipend for working out of her home in Wassila rather than the Governor’s mansion in Juneau. After her election to governor she appointed friends who had minimal qualifications to State positions. She even appointed her realtor’s husband to the State real estate board. Her husband has taken many trips funded by mining companies–some of them whom Palin had promised to crusade against.

So we can see that as much as Palin likes to call herself a reformer, that she is really just more of the same. Sure, she took on big oil in Alaska, and opened up State finance records to the public, but these are mere glimpses of reform, thrown out there to appease a voting public and establish the tiniesit bit of credibility as a reformer. Her record speaks louder than her words, and if people would start listening, they would see that Palin is a typical politician who seeks power no matter the cost. Right now she is a reformer and a maverick because that is fashionable. In the next round of elections, I bet she takes a different stacne. She will no longer be a reformer or maverick, she will adopt the newest political flavor as her cause and philosophy. So while she may cast off her reformer robes, she will always wear the performer mask. This is the mask that allows her to call herself a reformer and believe it to be true, just as it allows her to say that she is grateful the Troopergate report did not find anything wrong with her actions.

Palin is pathological. So much so, that I think she has lost the ability to distinguish between truth and lies. We already have someone like that in the White House. Do we really need a replacement that would amount to nothing more than a replica?


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