They Win Again!

The Sharks have won again, improving their record to 4-0. That’s the best start to a season in franchise history, and the best start from a debut coach since 2001. It’s pretty sweet, and while I know they will not remain undefeated for the season, I want them to keep winning as long as possible. Extend that streak to five and then six and then seven and then…

I don’t want to be greedy, but at the same time I do. And come on, you cannot know how sweet I think this is. I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement, and I’m deeply disappointed that I cannot watch these games live; I’m reduced to watching clips and reading highlights. But they are winning, and that is the important thing to me. It would be nice to watch a game, though.

This time they defeated the Colombus Blue Jackets by a score of 5-2. The Sharks had two short handed goals, and were led by Patrick Marleau who scored two goals and now has four points in four games. A solid start from the team captain. My man Thornton added two assists, and Jonathan Cheechoo put one in the back of the net as well.

They visit Anaheim (BOO!) on Friday for their second road game of the season. Let’s up that they can take the success they’ve had at home and apply it in the enemy’s arena. For a team this talented, the game will be tough, but they should be able to win their fifth straight game, and more importantly beat the snot out of the Ducks yet again.



2 comments on “They Win Again!

  1. sfguy808 says:

    I too like what I see in the Sharks – it’s nice to see the team living up the the changes they’ve been talking about (my opinion here). I’ve been at some of the games and it is a much different feel in the building.

    I think it’s interesting that you say ‘Let’s up that they can take the success they’ve had at home and apply it in the enemy’s arena’ – remember last season when we couldn’t win at the Tank? Things have ceratinly changed!

  2. Yeah I remember the frustration of playing and losing at home last year. I want them to win at home, but I want them to win on the road as well. I guess you could say I just want them to win, and often.

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