Jo Mamma

I’m sick of hearing about Joe Six Pack. Or Joe the Plumber. Or Joe Blow. Or Bazooka Joe. Or Average Joe. Or any of the other inane and meaningless versions of the so called average American. These are buzzwords and talking points, nothing more. They are out there to distract us from the real problems, like how we are soon going to run out of money and we will have tens of millions of people starving in our streets because they will not have a home in which to starve privately.

All of these Joes will be on main street and Wall Street (another lame-ass catch-phrase that I am glad seems to be on its way out now that Congress has “solved” the financial crisis) starving and begging for food and work. But hey, by that point we would at least know their names, which means they will not be the nameless masses.

We’ll just call them Joe, even if that is not their given name, because that’s who they are. They are Starving Joe, and Medically incapacitated Joe, and Psycho Joe, and Schizo Joe, and Will Work for Food Joe. They are people, but they have become so generic that the only name more fitting for them than Joe would be John, and even then the names are so close that there really is no difference.

So please, everyone, just stop talking about Joe and where he lives and what he wants to do. I know one Joe, and he doesn’t want to open a small plumbing business, nor does he want to save Wall Street to save Main Street. Hell, he doen’t even live on Main Street, and could give a rat’s ass about what happens to people who live there. Let’s stop talking about these generic people and start talking once again about the important things.

Things like, how are the US and the World going to deal with a global depression?

How can the US, a nation that claims to be the coolest and best one on earth,  still face a healthcare crisis nearly one decade into the 21st century?

It’s 2008, almost 2009, and still we have sick people that cannot get treatment because they either cannot afford insurance, or they have a pre-existing condition that bars them from insurance in the first place. Our world and our country are already ridiculous places. Let’s not make them anymore so by focusing on fabricated tales of somebody called Joe.

Unless it’s this Joe, cause he kicks ass.


2 comments on “Jo Mamma

  1. Adrienne says:

    Now that our (Canadian) federal election is over, we’re being bombarded even more about the US election, and yeah, watching the news last night was the first I’d even heard about this Joe the Plumber guy… I don’t get it? Why is he important? Why all this media coverage? Why do I even care? lol. American politics continue to baffle me…

  2. They baffle me too, and I’m from there. Things have to get better, but I wonder how much worse they have to get before that happens.

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