Let’s Call it The Great Depression: The Sequel

Not the Great Depression 2.0. That just sounds too fancy, like we’ve upgraded our depression and will somehow have a better one this time. But if we refer to it as The Sequel, we are allowing that it will be worse, not better, than the original Great Depression (which was pretty great, as the name implies.) By definition sequels are inferior entities, stripped down versions of the great things upon which they are based.

If we could do that with the upcoming depression (and it is coming, it is just a matter of when, not if) we may not have to struggle through it for as long as we might normally have to. Of course calling it the sequel will not change the fact that we will be living in makeshift housing, and scraping tin cans for the final remains of some beans or fruit. It will be a rough and bad time had by all. It is probably too late to stop it, but it is not too late to start planning for it.

Get the essentials: food, water, clothes, cardboard boxes and blankets, and get ready for the crap to hit the fan. It’s coming and will be here soon. Probably even before the next round of summer blockbusters.

Here is a link to NPR with an article on this new Depression, and how it resembles the one of the late twenties and thirties.


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