No Recall This Year!

So the Prison Guard Union in California that was trying to form a recall effort against this guy:

has decided not to pursue the recall. Their reasons are simple, the recall wouldn’t happen until 2009, and the governor’s term ends in 2010 anyway, so they would end up using a lot of time and money for something that would happen a few months later, anyway.

I’m glad they decided to drop the effort. As I’ve said before, I was enraged when Arnie was elected in the recall of Gray Davis. I thought it was shrewd political manuever by Republicans preying on the financial fears of Californians, but I did not see any real reason for it. To this day, in fact, I still cannot fathom any real or good reason for the recall. And that’s why I am glad one is not going to happen this time. A recall is big and important procedure. Therefore, it should have large and significant ideas behind it, and not be the way in which we take revenge or threaten our political leaders.


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