What is up?

Another school shooting. This one was in Detroit. A man (teenage boy, more likely) stepped out of a SUV, fired at least seven shots from a pistol, wounding three and killing one, before getting back into the vehicle and speeding off. No real motivation for the shootings has been found as of yet, though police have arrested three suspects in connection with the shooting.

It is new items like this one that really makes me want to stop reading about the world around me. In fact, they make me want to stop interacting with the world entirely. I am not talking about killing myself or anything like that, but maybe simply going into complete and utter isolation. Head off to the hills somewhere, maybe, and leave this world of pain and pointlessness behind me. Just imagine, being free from information, debt collectors, the worst humanity has to offer. It sounds like a really nice time.

Of course, there is never any escaping. Not really. We could be on a deserted island with everything we needed to survive (except maybe other people), and we would still be connected to the world we thought we had left behind. We carry this world with us. It is in our hearts and minds, and no matter how much we want to lose it, leave it, destroy it, it will always be there with us for as long as we live and breathe.

And it is not all bad. I have some great friends and family members. I have seen strangers perpetrate random acts of kindness, and I have even been on the receiving end sometimes. It is hard, though, to see the good sometimes. Especially when the news is so often so bad that the only choice seems to be to stay in bed with the covers pulled tightly around my head. I mean come on, suicides over financial troubles, kids killing kids for all kinds of reasons (most likely terrible reasons). The world financial market is going to hell and we have an election that is still in doubt, though it does seem more and more likely each day that Obama will win the Presidency.

These are scary times in which we live, and as much as we might not want to, we have to face them. It is not easy right now, and I don’t think it’s going to get any easier any time soon. That does not meant that we shouldn’t fight, though. We have to fight back against the horrors of this world. I don’t mean get violent, but get active. Create something that brings joy and happiness into the hearts of others. Start community programs that reach out to troubled kids so that they are less likely to shoot each other. Get some real gun control legislation and really look at the 2nd Amendment to see  exactly what it states and what its intention is.

In a world this dark we need some light. We need some hope. We need the stories of children murdering other children to stop; there is simply no rational explanation for such things.


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