Americans Are Stupid and Selfish

So there is a big deal being made about the fact that less than half of Americans quizzed could not answer a three question survey completely correctly.

The Questions:

Which Party controls the House of Representatives?

Who is the Secretary of State?

Who is the British Prime Minister?

Two of these three questions are fair, and even the third one is not so bad. But what we have to remember is that Americans are a selfish people, concerned only with ourselves and our country, so it is not surprising that a lot of folks got the third question wrong. There is however, no excuse for missing the first two, especially since people have been complaining about the party that controls the House since they took control, and the Secretary of State has been the same person for the past 8 years. Well there is one excuse, STUPIDITY.


The Democrats

Gordon Brown (NOT TONY BLAIR) is the current British Prime Minister.


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