Heroes the movie?

No, not really, but in a way yes. There is a new movie coming out. It’s called Push.

There is a trailer for it here: Push

It stars Chris Evans, you know the guy who played the Human Torch from Fantastic Four, so it will probably suck because that guy just isn’t a very good actor. He was okay in Sunshine, though, so whatever.

It’s also got this creepy girl in it. I don’t care that she’s gotten older and her eyes seem to have settled into her head, she still creeps the hell out of me. It could be said that she is the face of my

nightmares (after finding these pics, I don’t think I’ll be sleeping well tonight).


2 comments on “Heroes the movie?

  1. ubfred says:

    that’s dakota right? She’s looking good, ive seen her sister around and she seems able to take over what dakota left behind, the girl roles.

  2. Yeah, that’s Dakota, or as I said, the face of my nightmares.

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