Muqtada al-Sadr Don’t Need Your Stinking Agreements

Militant Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is urging his supporters and other Iraqis to deny the security agreement being workd on by the US and Iraq governments. Of ratified, the agreement would set a time table for US troops to leave Iraq (December 2011) and write rules for governance of Iraq’s security forces.

Al-Sadr decries the agreement, saying that it offers Iraq a false sense of sovreignty, and that American troops and bases will still be present, even after the supposed deadline has come and gone. He wants the Iraq government to put the agreement up for a vote by the people, so that they can take an active role in choosing their destiny.

This guy is crazy, to be sure, but even a broken clock is right twice a day (unless it’s a digital one, but then all you have to do is ignore the am/pm deal, or if its on 24 hour time, then it’s only right once a day) and I think that it might be a good idea for the governments to get some input from the people. It’s a dangerous proposition, to be sure, and there will be no way to make everyone happy. But, we are supposed to be bringing democracy to Iraq, and what is more democratic than giving people a chance to shape their country’s political policies.

I’m not saying they even have to listen to the people (our government doesn’t, not really) but they should at least hear the people. It will make the masses happy, and then the Iraq government can just do what they want because that is what they are going to do anyway.


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