Ninja Video

So there’s this website.

It’s a neat site that allows me to watch American television from overseas. They have some movies too. Their vids are all high quality, which is nice, and new shows are up on the site rather quickly.

The site does have its problems, though, as a lot of their videos do not work (at least for me) and they take forever to buffer and load so that they are watchable. Downloading is an option, but that takes forever, so I don’t really do that.

Of course, waiting for the video to buffer and load is boring and time consuming too, so maybe I will start to download videos, work, and then come back to the computer to watch.

It’s just lame and frustrating all around.


One comment on “Ninja Video

  1. Chip says:

    This is funny! You talk about how cool this free service is, then you say it’s just lame. Funny article. Hope the site starts working better for you. 🙂

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