So here is a photo of my friends and I in Prague last weekend. We are at a pub. This is before we went to another pub. On the way to that one, we drank a bottle of vodka on a tram. Public drinking is fun and legal, if frowned upon by some other, more respectable members of society.

Here is my friend Tim taking the first drink of a Vodka OJ mix. We passed the cup around, and drank one at every Tram stop. There were about ten stops I think, and we destroyed the 175ml bottle of Vodka (EDIT: It was more likely a 750ml bottle–we’re no lightweights). I have no after pics, but that’s okay, we know how we looked and felt.

We had a great time, and are already starting to plan our next Tram Drinking Tour of Prague. In fact, we should probably start a business and make lots of cash.


2 comments on “Prague

  1. Elen Prague says:

    Haha 175ml bottle? 😀 When I red the article I thought you drank at least 0,5 l bottle 🙂 but size doesn’t matter, at least you had a good time 😀

  2. I guess it had to have been bigger. Not a Handle size, but the size down. It was no hip flask, so maybe 750ml. Yeah, that sounds more like it. I was obviously in no condition to be thinking about measurements, and alcohol affects memory, no?

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