Wal-Mart is like Cancer

And it is spreading to China. That’s right, the evil empire is moving into the Chinese market. They are staying away from the big cities, instead moving into the smaller towns in the countryside.

Great. Now they can practice destroying small businesses the world over. Their reason for expansion in China? The state of the economy and the flooded markets in the US have taken their toll on sales, and Wal-Mart and others are seeking new markets to saturate, rape, pillage, and eventually destroy.

But hey, maybe things will be even cheaper now, since Wal-Mart gets most of their stuff from China anyway.

Here is the entire documentary: Walmart the high cost of low prices. I hope they all work and that you watch them. It is important to realize just how bad places like Walmart and others are. The documentary doesn’t talk about China, but it is easy to see what will happen there.


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