The Truth Is Out There

I don’t usually look into claims of UFOs (and by look into I mean care about). It’s not that I believe humans are alone in the cosmos, nor am I above suspecting that the government would cover any evidence of extraterrestrial existence. It’s just that there are so many so called UFO sightings that one gets overwhelmed, and starts not to care. Much like all the information about corruption in government. We all know it’s there, no matter how hard they try to justify or cover it up, and it just gets to be too much. Plus I find myself thinking (about corruption and UFOs) that all the claims cannot be true. Besides, after the X-files, all this UFO stuff kind of became blase and lost a lot of its appeal/wonder.

Well, today saw some secret files from the Cold War become public. These files disclose that two US fighter jets were scrambled, in 1957, from an airbase near London to intercept and shoot down a UFO. Was it a spacecraft? Was it a weather balloon? No one seems to know, and the report did not specify. One of the pilots who was ordered to shoot the thing down said that the craft was easily as large as an aircraft carrier, and that his targeting system had no problem getting a lock on it. Before he could fire, though, the thing disappeared and he was ordered to return to base where he met “a shadowy figure dressed like a well dressed IBM man” who told him not to mention the incident to anyone, under threat of a national security breach.

Was it one of the fables Men in Black? Are there aliens here with us, even now? If so, what do they want? Have they infiltrated our governments in an attempt to peacefully destroy the human race? Where are they from? Do they have women aliens, and if so, are they hot?

I don’t have the answers, but I am forced to wonder why the report did not disclose what the object was, unless of course that knowledge is completely unknown. And if that is the case, I really have to wonder what the deal with the “flying aricraft carrier” was.


One comment on “The Truth Is Out There

  1. dmarks says:

    IBM must stand for “In Black: Men”

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