At Least She’ll Get Three Meals a Day…

A Florida woman is facing jail time because she refused to pay a $7.45 bill at a Waffle house. She ordered coffee and a sandwhich, then refused to pay the bill, even after a police officer arrived and told her that if she didn’t pay the bill, she would go to jail. The charge: obtaining food or lodging with the intent to defraud.

She was arrested on Saturday, and released from jail on Monday. If she gets convicted, she faces up to 60 days in the slammer and a 500 dollar fine.

What I want to know is how can they expect her to be able to pay the 500 fine, when she cannot even afford a restaurnant bill for less than eight dollars?

I mean she’s old, sure, and she could just be crazy. I think, however, that it is more likely that she is feeling the financial pressures of the day, and rather than fork over the $7.45, probably more than half of what she has left for the month, she would rather go to jail because there she will be fed, and provided a room and a place to sleep. I wonder if she still has a residence of her own, or if it is about to be/has already been foreclosed upon.

I bet that right now 60 days of jail time looks pretty good to her. And what if she can’t pay the fine? Well, they’ll probably put her back in jail, which I’m sure would be just fine with her.


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