Leave the Bears out of it

Bears have nothing to do with politics. They are not political figures, nor are they symbols of politics like donkeys and elephants. Why then, would someone deem it necessary to kill a bear cub and drape an Obama sign over it?

That is exactly what happened in North Carolina, where bear hunting season is in full swing. The bear cub was found on Western Carolina University campus, with a bullet hole in its head.

What is the message behind the killing and the sign? Is this what these redneck podunk bastards are going to do to anyone who supports Obama? Is this what they plan to do to Obama when (if) he get elected? I mean what is the reasoning behind this, assuming there is some? Were they drunk and just wanting to have a good time? If that’s the case, they should probably just go to a titty bar and then rub one out afterwards. No need to bring the innocent bear into politics.

Since the beginning of his campaign I have said that if Obama gets elected, assassination attempts will be made against his life. There are still too many people in the so called tolerant USA that are bigots, racists, and just plain idiots who fear change and don’t realize slavery ended over 140 years ago, and that Jim Crow went the way of the dodo (or at least was supposed to) almost fifty years ago. I was told that I was cynical when I made these comments, and yes I’ll admit to being a cynical bastard at times, but cynicism ahs nothing to do with it. The soon to be fact is that there will be plots and attempts against Obama. These thing with the bear is just the beginnig, and I am forced to wonder how many more displays like this we will be forced to suffer through, both before and after the election.

I mean Lincoln got killed for fighting a war and freeing the slaves. Is it too much of a stretch that Obama’s life will be in danger because of the color of his skin and his “socialist policies”?


One comment on “Leave the Bears out of it

  1. Nomi says:

    I happen to agree with you 100%.

    …and to think I was going to move to North Carolina! I’m so glad I didn’t…

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