Too Much…

John McCain, Republican Presidential candidate and staunch hater of Russia, has asked Russia’s UN envoy for a campaign contribution. The request was made by letter, which stated that if McCain were elected he would be sure to put America first. Probably something the Russians do not want to hear, especially from a rival government official asking them for money to finance his Presidential campaign.

Russia denied the request, of course, stating that the Russian government does not finance political activity in foreign nations. Whatever, can you imagine if they had said yes? Would that make McCain beholden to Putin?

Would that mean they could have moose cookouts on Sarah Palin’s Porch while they stared in awe at Mother Russia (sorry, couldn’t resist)? Would it dissolve his bid for the presidency since US runners for office cannot accept foreign donations. Would “ethical” Palin have to get tough on her running mate?

McCain has since said that the request was a mistake. Okay, great, everyone makes mistakes, I understand that. Hell, I’ve made my share of mistakes in my life, as I’m sure everyone else has. This is different though. McCain (as unlikely as it appears now) could very well be the next President of the United States. Do we really want or even need someone to lead us who cannot be bothered enough to check that his outgoing mail is addressed and gotten to the correct people? I don’t know who the letter was originally intended for, but obviously it wasn’t the Russian envoy to the UN.

This is a  silly news issue, at least on the surface, but I thin it speaks to the declining mental faculties of John McCain. I do not say this to be mean or petty or hurtful, but simply as a statement of opinion. Here is a man who seems to forget what he has said in the past, didn’t know which way to exit the third Presidential debate, and seems to have a problem keeping his tongue in his mouth. These are serious signs that something is wrong with him. Is he suffering from dementia? Is his age finally catching up with him?

Or is he just on a bunch of drugs the whole time? After all, his wife has some pretty strong ties to the pharmaceutical companies.

I think the only reason to vote for McCain at this point in time is because you are in love with Sarah Palin and want her to be president. Of course this won’t happen on its own, after this election I do not think the GOP will want to bring her back into the running for president (who knows, they might, crazier things have happened) in say 2012 or 2016. But now she has a REAL chance to become president, that is she would have a real chance if McCain did not seem to be shooting himself in the foot every step of the way. But, thankfully he is and that means that a Palin presidency is less and less likely. Not many things help me sleep better at night, especially after all those photos of Dakota Fanning, but the thought that Palin won’t be in the White House is one of those.

Knowing there will not be a racist crazy lady leading this country makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It also helps me to believe that maybe we, as Americans, are not a completely lost cause after all.


3 comments on “Too Much…

  1. >Do we really want or even need someone to lead us who cannot be bothered enough to check that his outgoing mail is addressed and gotten to the correct people?

    Quite a comment. I’m glad to know that John McCain isn’t checking every piece of mail his team is delivering. He understands the importance of delegation in order to focus on the big picture tasks a leader should. We don’t need another Jimmy Carter micromanager.

    McCain’s team made a mistake- who cares? I actually do agree this is a funny one though, given all his comments on Russia.

  2. dmarks says:

    I’ve never seen him as a “hater of Russia”. Expressing concern at Putin’s aggression against Georgia (when did Georgia ever threaten or attack Russia). is not “hate”.

  3. Okay, so yeah, he doesn’t have time to check every piece of mail, but the letter was signed by him (whether it was an actual sig or one of those electronic copies I don’t know), but even if his team is the one that made the mistake it is important because this man wants to be President, and he needs to show good judgment in the people around him, and they need to be able to do their jobs correctly, like making sure there are no mistakes in mailing. Think, for instance, if that had not been a fund raising letter, but something more important, like a national security issue and it accidentally got sent somewhere it shouldn’t. Unlikely? Sure. But then, I would think asking for money from the Russian envoy to the UN would also fall under the unlikely category, and yet it happened. Is it a big deal? Not in and of itself, but the implications of it are enormous.

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