Was I That Bad?

I believe in the idea of Karma, and teaching a foreign language makes me wonder if I have become a victim of it. It seems to me that I must have done something as a student to piss off the universe, as I have one class that just really makes things difficult. They refuse to speak English, and they constantly complain about the amount of time I give them to complete activities. They also do not seem to listen when I give instructions, nor are they all that willing to respond to questions in class.

It might be that I am just a bad teacher, that is entirely possible, but my other classes seem to at least make an effort to learn. Not so much with this one. And no matter how many times I ask them to speak English, or remind them that we are in English class not Czech class, nothing seems to help. Today, for example, instead of reading the required material, some of them were drawing. Now, I understand boredom in the classroom (and it’s usually the teacher’s fault) but if you do not participate in the activities then you are guaranteeing boredom.

I try to be exciting and engaging. I don’t (for the most part) just stand at the front of the class and talk at them. I usually pair them or groupn them and have then talk to each other about the days materials. But then they speak in Czech, not English, so it does not really help their English skills.

It also doesn’t help that I am tired and frustrated right now. It’s a job, and like any job it has its ups and downs, and I’m sure the students are probably as frustrated as I am so at least we’re miserable together, and misery loves company as they say.

Still, I do not think I was ever THAT bad as a student, even in math class, which I could not stand, I at least tried to participate in the activities and work. I was not always 100% there, or successful, but I tried. And I respected my teachers enough to shut up and listen to what they were saying.


One comment on “Was I That Bad?

  1. Adrienne says:

    I’ve always wondered how difficult it would be to try and teach English to people without knowing how to speak their native language as well. It sounds like an increadibly hard undertaking and you have my deepest respect for doing so!

    Of course, this comes from someone whose ex-husband is of Czech background, and I never did pick up one word of the Czech language during the nearly 10 years we were together. 😉

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