Lest We Forget

We are fighting two wars, and by we I mean America and her coallition allies. This is impotant to remember because the US is having a Presidential election in about two weeks, and the person we elect is going to have to deal with them. Also, the wars are not getting a lot of attention (or at least that’s how it seems to me) which is a  shame. People know we are at war, but they don’t really seem to know or realize it. It’s become the elephant in the room, just a shadow in the back of our minds.

This is tragic. People are dying, and we are more concerned about how much it cost Alaskan taxpayers for Sarah Palin to have her family flown all over the country. Sure, that’s important news, in terms of showing she lacks any kind of “just like you” credibility, but it is not noteworthy enough to dominate the headlines. Same thing with Obama and his ties to Acorn and Ayers. Yeah, we get it. It’s out there, now move on and start talking about truly important issues, like the war.

Violence in Iraq has decreased some, but it is still there. Reference the slew of carbombings and other roadside attackes over the past few weeks. Afghanistan violence is on the rise, and the situation there is quickly deteriorating. And yet, we hear very little about these things on the big news shows and in the big newspapers. Sure, it can’t always be about the war, but it shouldn’t always be about the election, or Beyonce’s new name, or the latest news from Hollywood. We need our distractions, sure, but the one thing we shouldn’t be distracted from is this Global War on Terrorism that we have going on at this moment.

Americans have a tendency to forget things that are not fed to them on a daily basis, and we are in real danger of forgetting about the war, at least until after the election. At that point, we will have to focus on it because it will be one of the new presidnet’s first tests. I think it is time reporters, constituents, and people in the government start talking about the war again. Ask about it. Get the McCain and Obama’s views on policy concerning the wars. Remind the American people that Americans (and others like Iraqis and Afghans) are dying on a daily basis because of these wars, and that we, the people, are ultimately responsible for the wars happening.

Sure, al Queda was based in Afghanistan and they attacked us so we attacked them back. That was justifiable (without any lies or shady dealings), but we still voiced our support for the war. Then, when we invaded Iraq there was very little opposition in our government (people on the street were against it, but it never went any further than that) to the invasion (though there were many many lies). Again, we the people, through our elected officials allowed the invasion to happen, and we allow it to continue. If we are going to do so, we should at least be responsible to remember that it is still happening, and maybe have a discourse on it, as uncomfortable as that may seem.

And get those jerks in the House and Senate out of there. Each and every one. The Democrats seem to be continuing the policies but in place by the people they replaced. The current situation is not entirely their fault–after all they have like a two person majority in the Senate and not much more than that in the House–but their maintenence of the status quo is. They were put in power to affect change, and really the only thing that has changed is that there is a D next to the majority instead of an R. Different letters, sure, but that’s about the only difference.


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