Modern Missiles

In response to the proposed US anti-missile shield in Poland, and accompanying radar station the the Czech Republic, Russia has states that it is modernizing its Soviet armament of nuclear missiles, as well as developing new ones to replace the old missiles. The new missiles will have multiple warheads, which can trick the radar and ant-missile stations. Russia sees these new missiles as a strong addition to their nuclear arsenal (I thought we all had agreed to reduce the nuclear stockpile, not increase it) and should serve as a good deterrent. I assume they mean in terms of mutually assured destruction.

Man, this is looking more and more like the Cold War all over again. Russian aggression into Georgia, after the Georgian government tried to crack down on a rebellious region where some citizens wanted to rejoin Russia. The US planning on putting an interceptor station in the heart of Central Europe. Poor economic times, for the whole world, and saber rattling galore. Maybe there’s been a bit more diplomacy as of late, but it is all eerily familiar.

I understand why the US wants the missile shield. Or at least I understand their claim that they want the shield to knock down any potential nuclear missiles fired from Iran. This is a valid reason, as Iran may or may not be working to develop a warhead of its own. I also understand Russia’s concerns over the location of the proposed base and radar station. Poland and the Czech Republic are in the center of Central Europe, meaning that any ordinance there could easily reach targets in Russia. This scares the Russian government, and not without reason.

I do not think that the US is going to make a first strike against Russia. I don’t even think that we are considering the idea of going to war with our former enemies, and so I think that the Russian government’s fears are unnecessary, if understandable. We can think of it this way: How would the US react if the Russians wanted to put a radar/missile shield somewhere in Mexico, to protect Cuba from a possible nuclear strike from a rouge nation (read US sympathetic/hater of communism) in South America that was trying to developeĀ  a nuclear arsenal?

We would go batshit. And rightfully so; the idea of having a foreign powers’ missiles on our doorstep, but not where we could actually regulate or control it, is a terrifying thought. Russia is not against the shield per se, but they are against it’s location. They have suggested a cite in Russia itself that would still be within range to knock down any Iranian missile that was fired. The US rejected the proposal, settling on Poland and the Czech Republic.

I am not saying the US should have caved into the Russian demands and put the shield in Russia, but maybe we should have worked with the Russians and found a cite that both nations could agree upon. It’s called diplomacy, and the only way to know if it works, is to give it a try. Hell, at the very least we may have been able to avoid the modernization of Russian nuclear capabilities because they would not have felt as threatened by the defense system.


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