Not Pretty

So it wasn’t pretty, but the Sharks won again. Again they beat Philadelphia, and again they needed extra time to do so. This time, though, it went all the way to the shootout, and Jeremy Roenick was the Tiburone who won the game for a final score of 7-6. This is notable because JR used to play for Philly, and he expects this game to be his last one in that city. Unless of course the Sharks and the Flyers meet there in the Stanly Cup Finals, which is probably not going to happen, since Philly is now 0-6.

The disturbing thing about the game, even though the Sharks won (and ultimately that is what matters) they blew a 6-4 lead toward the end of the game. Sure it made it more exciting, but it probably added a lot of undue stress to Sharks fans. I know that I would have been jumping up and down, screaming at the television, little bits of rabid spittle flying from my lips, if I had been able to watch the game. I’ve got to find some way to watch these games, highlight videos and recaps are well and good, but they are nothing compared to actually watching the action. I want to see Marleau score the goals that he’s been scoring (he got two in the win against Philly), not just read about them, or see them in brief context on the highlight reel.


One comment on “Not Pretty

  1. sfguy says:

    Not only did they blow a lead but in the two games against the Flyers the defense has disappeared (I put the stats on my blog here . I like your style, we won’t meet in the Stanley Cup Final because the FLYERS suck! Where are you that prevents you from watching the games? Can’t you get a subscription and watch them on

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