War with Iran

Found this at Salon.com.

It’s a radio interview with a man about the Iran Report. It’s scary stuff, what he says, and the implications of the report as well as some of its recommendations will probably keep me from sleeping well for the next week or two. Not because I necessarily believe that Iran will wipe us all out, but because it¬† seems to me that there is a strong likelihood that we will start a bombing campaign against Iran–if they don’t stop their nuclear development (which they won’t)–that will make the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan look like a leisurely Sunday stroll through the park.

A nuclear Iran is not a good thing, and it is a scary thought, but so is the thought that they will garner support from other radicals if we start bombing them, and then the region really will be unstable and in trouble.

Is space travel cheap enough for the common person yet, cause I’m about done with this planet.


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