What is Wrong With People?

Six citizens of the Czech Republic were found guilty of cagin and torturing two boys for nearly a year. The boys were locked in a cage, and tortured–burnt with cigarettes, beaten, cut, and submerged in water–by their MOTHER, SISTER, and others.

This shocks me, though I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. We have people self-mutilating in America to try and start race wars during the elecetion cycle, school shootings, and parents murdering children. This is just one more addition to that list of insanity. The boys are aged nine and eleven, and they will probably be scarred for life. Who can blame them? This isn’t something you just bounce back from. Parents and siblings are supposed to be there to help and support you. They are not supposed to abuse, mutilate, and attempt to destroy you.

I know things like this have proabably been happening since the dawn of humankind, and we are just able to see more of it because of the wonderful world of technology, but even if that is the case it does not make it right. Something is seriously wrong with people in the world today, and I wish there was a way we could fix it.


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