Are We Trying to Make Things Worse?

A lot of things can happen in a war zone. I understand that. Granted, I do not know first hand because I have never been in the military, or in a situation even close. Hell, I haven’t even been in a real fight since grade school so I am the first to admit that I am armchair backing here. Maybe I shouldn’t talk about it at all because of that, but then I’d just let it fester inside me, and that is not a cool thing to do.

Apparently two US helicopters attacked a town 10 miles within the Syrian border, killing seven people and wounding five. The area in which the village is located has been thought to harbor insurgents who use it as a base of operations to strike into Iraq. Okay, I understand the military’s desire to cut down on insurgent activity, and cripple their capabilities for mounting attacks. But maybe just going into another sovereign nation, on a unilateral murder mission, is not the way. At least tell the other government, or better yet, coordinate with them. Have their troops do the attacking, shooting and killing because this could easily be construed as an act of aggression and invasion. We violated their borders, after all, and who knows what the repercussions of that will be. Probably nothing more than grandstanding and saber rattling from Syria, but what if it is more?

What if this is just the excuse Syria and Iran are looking for to overtly get involved in the Iraq war and mobilize forces? I do not think this will happen, but who knows. Every world war has to start somewhere, and I do know that if America were in a similar situation, we would not hesitate to go to war. Hell, we were in a similar situation, and we didn’t hesitate. Sure, seven people is not the same number of casualties as Pearl Harbor or 9/11, but to the country being attacked the amount of deaths does not matter so much as the attack itself. So we committed an action that could very well make things a lot worse for our men and women fighting in the name of our country for a stable and free Iraq.

This attack into Syria is not the only thing we did in recent days that could have major consequences. A joint US-Iraqi operation near Fallujah, once one of the bloodiest cities in Iraq but now relatively calm, carried out a raid on Saturday that left one man dead. He was a senior member of the Iraqi Islamic Party, which is headed by Vice President Tareq al-Hashem. Since the incident the party has called off all communications and relations with US civilian and military personnel until they receive an adequate explanation and apology for the incident. This does not bode well for relations between Iraq and the US, especially with increasing Iraqi resistance to an agreement that will govern how American forces operate in Iraq for the next few years. At least, in this case anyway, it was a joint operation, so the blame does not fall fully upon the American forces. That doesn’t change the fact that things just got more complicated, and it is always possible that this could be the match that ignites the powder keg that is Fallujah.


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