Da Nile Is not Just a River in Egypt…

It also seems to be the state John McCain calls home. He refuses to believe three very important things:

1: Sarah Palin is not hurting his campaign.

2: The Presidential race is closer than the polls show.

3: He will be the next President of the United States.

Now, I know, he cannot condemn his running mate. He picked her after all, and this is not the correct time for him to admit his poor judgement in that selection. It would effectively destroy what little chance of winning he has.

Again, he is going to say that the polls do not reflect the truth of the situation because he cannot admit defeat yet. To do so would make the election a surface affair, which it is quickly becoming anyway. And to some extent, he may be right. The polls, whoever takes them, are untrustworthy, and people’s minds can change. Plus, if history repeats itself, it is entirely possible that the voters Obama needs to show up at the election booths won’t show, thereby handing McCain the victory he is so sure of obtaining.

I really hope, though, that Americans have learned their lessons from the past two elections and show up on election day. Whoever they vote for (and I hope it’s Obama because while he  may not be the saviot everyone seems to think he will be, at least he will be truly something different in thw Capitol, and that’s what we need right now, in the words of Monty Python–Something completely different) people need to show up and vote. They need to exercise that one basic right that makes all other rights possible.

I really hope Obama/Biden blow McCain/Palin out of the water, and leave no doubt as to who wins the Presidency. Already, though, I feel as if the aftermath of the election (unless it is a clear and decisive victory for one side) will be much worse than what it was in 2000. I can already here Caribou Barbie (as JollyRoger likes to refer to Palin) and McCain calling for recounts and taking their case to the Supreme Court over voter fraud, and Obama’s legitamacy as a candidate for President. No gracious losing there.

And the same goes for Obama/Biden. If the race is close, and they lose, there will be an uproar because of the many things some people who want McCain in the Whitehouse have been doing. Allegations of voter intimidation, and purging of voting lists by some Republican oriented entities cannot go ignored if Obama loses despite the overwhelming public support that he has at this moment.

This campaign has been ugly–dead bears, self-mutilating morons trying to incite race problems and play off the xenophobia they themselves feel–and the aftermath will be even more so, unless we as Americans have our faith restored in the system. With just over a week to go before the election, though, it seems unlikely that that faith will be restored until after the many battles that will be fought immediately follwing the election of our new President. I just hope it doesn’t last as long as it did in 2000 because with two wars and the financial crisis, the last thing we need is four grown people involved in a schoolyard yelling match over who won. Leave the childish antics on the playground and act like the adults you are supposed to be.


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