I Want My Money!

So now that the bailout is official, companies from all over are flocking like cockroaches to get some of the cash. They’re entitled, don’t you know. I mean, the government passed this resolution to give the money to them, so why should they have to wait, or prove their case? That money belongs to them, and they should get it.

After all, banks can’t lend money they don’t have, and insurance companies cannot continue to insure people if they are worried about their balance sheets. The bottom line is money is the bottom line and always will be in our country. Does that sound trite and cynical? Probably, but I am getting too far gone to care.

I still fail to see how these companies deserve this money. They made bad decisions, and ran themselves into the ground. Now they ask for help. I’m all for helping those in need, but what about me? I’ve made some bad decisions, financially, in my life, but I don’t see the government rushing to pull me out of the fire. I know, I’m just a little dude who has never made more than thirty thousand dollars a single year in his entire life. Hell, the closest I came was when I grossed about twenty. That was a great year, and if I hadn’t gotten laid off I might still have that job and be more financially secure. Sure I wouldn’t be in the CZ right now, and that would be a shame because I am really enjoying my time here, but I’d be a richer man with less debt.

I think that these companies should have to demonstrate a real need for the money–after all folks applying for welfare and financial aid for college have to– and maybe they should have to fight it out CEO to CEO. Roman Coleseum Gladiator style. That would be awesome, to see these men in suits beating the crap out of each other–on national television of course–for a piece of that pie. Hell, there’d be tons of money to be made through advertising, analysis and rematches. It’s be like a corporate version of college basketball’s March Madness, and I bet the ratings would be even higher, which would translate into more cash. Hell, it could be government sponsored so all profits would go into the country’s coffers.

Am I making any sense here? Probably not. I am loaded on caffeine and have been staring pointlessly at the computer screen for hours. My mind and my eyes are exhausted, and yet I cannnot seem to tear myself away from this cancerous behavior.

Still, I wish the government had decided to do something responsible about the bailout, rather than just give more money to those large companies that already proved they do not know how to responsibly handle such sums. I am not saying that I would be/am any more financially responsible, but I know that if they gave me some cash, 50,000 dollars is all I’m asking for, I would pay off my debt–some of which is owed to the government in terms of student loans–and be in a much better position to once again contribute to the economic welfare of the United States. At the very least I would not lend it out to other people who are having a hard time paying the debts they already owe with the expectation that they will be able to pay me back, as well as pay off their other debts, when it is clear that they will not be able to.


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