Redemption for the Zraloci

So a night after they lost 4-3 against Florida in sloppy show of defense and bad penalties, the Sharks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-0. They played strong defense (which is more than can be said for their defensive efforts the previous three games), and dominaed in the Lightining defensive zone. Tampa Bay never really had a chance as they were only allowed 22 shots compared to the Sharks 45.

Brian Boucher, the back, got the win, and the shut-out, his second of the season. Oh yeah, and he’s only played two games. This is amazing to me, that the back up goalie has played two games, and won both of those games with a shut-out. Very cool.

Nabakov is still the number one guy, and he deserves to be. I am not going to start saying that Boucher should be the starter because he has two shutouts in two starts. Rather, I would say that I want the defense to show up for Nabby. Yeah, they’ve been winning with Nabby, but it has not been pretty as they allowed 18 goals in the four games prior to this one. I know this is the new NHL and scoring is a tad easier, but this is still ridiculous.

The new system wants the defense involved in the offense, and I like that. It keeps the game exciting and puts more pressure on the opposing team. But the boys in Teal have to remember that it is DEFENSE that wins games and championships. It doesn’t matter how many goals you score if you can’t keep the other team from scoring. Just ask Philadelphia.


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