YouTubing Again

In an effort to maintain my sanity and distract myself from all the terrible things going on in the world (as well as all the terrible thoughts rampaging through my head and making it harder and harder to face each day) I have once again turned to the wonders of YouTube.

I found this Faith No More video, and it reminded me of listening to this album with my cousin when he would visit. We dug it, and nearly wore out the cassette tape from constant visiting. I had not seen this video before, but I find it chilling and pertinent to the times (though it really did nothing to improve my mood).

Another one from Faith No More. Despite its title it has no bearing on my current feelings. First of all I am much too young to be experiencing such a thing, and secondly I just like the song and thought I would share it.

One more from them. This song is just great, and once again can be applied to today’s sensibilities. Take that statement how you will. And the video is just 80’s style hilarious.

More Cave. This one’s a good video, and a decent song. This is the extended version, though, and it might go on a little long (my jury’s still out on that one), but it is creepy and subdued. Worth listening to.

Nick Cave is pretty damn sweet. This song is long, and a maybe a little trite, but there is an underlying sentiment to it that I cannot deny. Just watched the video for the first time. Not sure what to make of it, though I think I like it. I mean, Cave and the Bad Seeds doing their funny little dances, his hair is hilarious, and Go Go Girls are always bring a smile to my face. The other thing I like about this song, and the video too I guess, is that while he is being misogynistic, it is really toned down compared to some of his other work. Still, he’s pretty damn sleazy, though, but that’s okay with me–everyone’s got their vices and personas.

Here’s a video from Grinderman (Cave’s side project with half of the Bad Seeds) live on Letterman. It’s loud, fast, and a change from the other Cave videos.

There are many more videos that I could post, but right now I (and I;m sure anyone who’s bothered to come this far) am a bit videod out. I hope you enjoyed some of these (if not all). And if you did not…Oh well.

Last one from Cave, promise. I just really like this song. There’s something about the minimal musical instrumentation on it that blows me away, especially considering how loud and energetic it is. I have described Cave’s music as “sinister gospel” and I think Black Betty perfectly demonstrates what I mean by that.


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