Freddy Mercury Is the Man!

I don’t care if he was gay. He and Queen made some damn fine music, even if it was cheesy as hell. I saw something that reminded me of Princes of the Universe, so I had to seek it out, and I thought I would share it in all its horrible goodness.

And then I had to find Gimme the Prize to continue the Highlander theme. As Ricky Bobby said: “It’s only like the best movie ever.”

And Clancy Brown kicks ass. How could he not with a name like that?

And this one used to be my favorite song when I was a kid. It still kicks ass!


4 comments on “Freddy Mercury Is the Man!

  1. pdub says:

    Freddie Mercury was gay?

  2. Adrienne says:

    One of my mottos in life is “Anything is better with Clancy Brown in it”.

    I love Freddy Mercury. I love Queen. I love Highlander.

  3. Good motto. I think I shall adopt it.

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